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Download Q-luv 趙欽 feat. A&T - PAPAPA || (Chinese R&B) 華語流行音樂 Video

Q-luv 趙欽 feat. A&T - PAPAPA || (Chinese R&B) 華語流行音樂

Q-luv 趙欽 feat. A&T - PAPAPA || (Chinese R&B) 華語流行音樂

YouTube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUnNXQqXwJE
Durasi : 3:44
Suka : 207 Orang
Benci : 6 Orang
Dilihat : 37803 Orang
Oleh : MR.JC's Studio
Diupload : 2015-12-04 03:29:53
♔ MR.JC's Music Cafe Playlist: http://bit.ly/1nX6Vo5 ✔ Background Photo: Unknown Model (http://www.moko.cc/post/1114129.html) ✔ SinaWeibo: Q-luv 趙欽 (http://weibo.com/qluv) ♔ This video is strictly for entertainment purposes only, there is no profit being made on this track in any way or form. All vocals belong to the Artists and their record label of what those songs ware released on. ♔ No Copyright Infringement Intended. If you like the song, please support the artist and affiliated label by purchasing the original recording. ♔ Any racist/political/hostile comments will be removed. ♔ Lyrics 作詞.Lyricist:Q.luv&AT 作曲.Composer:Q.luv 製作人.Producer:Q.luv 編曲.Music Arrangement:AT&Fcyco&Setry 混音.Mixing Engineer:Q.luv 錄音.Recording Engineer:Q.luv&AT 錄音室.Recording Studio: Unit Muzik 和聲編寫.Background Vocal Arrangement:Q.luv ~ Verse1 我在控制這節奏 就像播放經典的Soul 透過你身體觸摸了靈魂 也確定這Body燃燒着Fire 你總讓我那麼著迷 你懂的 我只想多點甜蜜 Oh babe do it for me yeah I promise u 我要盡全力 開始了就該愛到底 在這裡Just U & Me Oh babe X4 Wu~Oh~ ~ Hook Papapa !Let me in your eyes! Papapa !已迫不及待 Lalala 烈火遇乾柴 告訴我 有沒有增加對我的愛 Papapa !Let me in your eyes! I’ll make ur body into the sky You make me feel like paradise 告訴我 你的魂還在不在 ~ Verse 2 That's right, wanna see u take it off 透過磨砂玻璃你的身段怎麼都看不夠 水霧繚繞像個model向我走來 這誘人的畫面沒辦法把視線移開 告訴我,wanna do it now 靠近我,like a burning flower 站在我的面前緩緩解開的睡袍 oh my sexy lady,要我怎麼睡得着 u touch me,u kiss me,this is 1st round 第二回合我知道你喜歡我在下而你在上 看你瘋狂扭動的body擺動的長髮和迷離而滿足的微笑 到達下一個level不能停下的你Wanna更加熾烈You & me的碰撞 Hey girl,We're gon' do it every night OK,Girl I know what do ya like 把我的後背抓的更緊變得更急促的呼吸 lady i know you're comin' ~ Hook Papapa !Let me in your eyes! Papapa !已迫不及待 Lalala 烈火遇乾柴 告訴我 有沒有增加對我的愛 Papapa !Let me in your eyes! I’ll make ur body into the sky You make me feel like paradise 告訴我 你的魂還在不在 ~ Bridge Do it Do it “Papapa” Do it Do it Do it Girl i know u want me Girl i know u need me Girl i know u want me Girl i know u need me now ~ Outro Sexy baby, lay by my side Touch my body, ur eyes can't lie I know u wanna do it one more time I know u wanna do it one more time Midnight, I'll take u fly Yeah baby, turn off the lights
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