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Download Q.luv 趙欽 - No Pain No Love || (Chinese R&B) 華語流行音樂 Video

Q.luv 趙欽 - No Pain No Love || (Chinese R&B) 華語流行音樂

Q.luv 趙欽 - No Pain No Love || (Chinese R&B) 華語流行音樂

YouTube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi6ezUE4uKw
Durasi : 3:37
Suka : 214 Orang
Benci : 2 Orang
Dilihat : 11146 Orang
Oleh : MR.JC's Studio
Diupload : 2017-01-21 19:42:10
♔ MR.JC's Music Cafe Playlist: http://bit.ly/1nX6Vo5 ✔ Background Photo: https://goo.gl/P2K2aj ✔ SinaWeibo: Q-luv 趙欽 (http://weibo.com/qluv) ♔ This video is strictly for entertainment purposes only, there is no profit being made on this track in any way or form. All vocals belong to the Artists and their record label of what those songs ware released on. ♔ No Copyright Infringement Intended. If you like the song, please support the artist and affiliated label by purchasing the original recording. ♔ Any racist/political/hostile comments will be removed. ♔ Lyrics 作曲:Q.luv 作詞:Q.luv/Essence 制作人.Producer:Q.luv 編曲.Music Arrangement:Q.luv/Fcyco 混音.Mixing Engineer:Q.luv 錄音.Recording Engineer:Q.luv 錄音室.Recording Studio:UnitMuzik 和聲編寫.Background Vocal Arrangement:Q.luv 弦樂.String:宋靖 ~ Verse 換個地方 繼續受傷 愛都一樣(太過瘋狂) 我把心隱藏 不再赴湯 跟夢闖蕩(I'm also very good) Beauties 都排著隊都想擁有我 But i always say no 不會失控 自己最懂 想忘掉(Forget these) Your moans sound(Em em em) like a song Oh Girl you turn me on(oh yeah) 想忘掉 難堪的沖動 在平靜以後 慶幸這沈默 ~ Chorus No pain well girl no love 不投入就不會再有失態 快樂它來得快去得更快 No pain well girl no love 別把這當作是一場意外 你讓我的心如一片死海 ~ Verse Somebody love me But i don't need somebody 是做夠了影子我終於找回了自己 My heart is beating 還記得怎麽呼吸 面朝著陽光Im still running 想忘掉(Forget these) Your moans sound (Em em em) like a song Oh Girl you turn me on (oh yeah) 想忘掉 難堪的沖動 在平靜以後 慶幸這沈默 ~ Bridge Now i just need to fight for myself 別管我又是誰的God I really dont care who u are My inner peace 讓我 無所畏懼 把生命轉換成Melody 不會再有這樣的悲劇 ~ Chorus No pain well girl no love 不投入就不會再有失態 快樂它來得快去得更快 No pain well girl no love 別把這當作是一場意外 你讓我的心如一片死海
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