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Download M80 - Lonely Day remix .Double Poom || (Chinese R&B/Rap) 華語流行音樂 Video

M80 - Lonely Day remix .Double Poom || (Chinese R&B/Rap) 華語流行音樂

M80 - Lonely Day remix .Double Poom || (Chinese R&B/Rap) 華語流行音樂

YouTube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuZ7dqTj6S0
Durasi : 3:53
Suka : 40 Orang
Benci : 1 Orang
Dilihat : 4480 Orang
Oleh : MR.JC's Studio
Diupload : 2017-01-27 23:46:10
♔ MR.JC's Music Cafe Playlist: http://bit.ly/1nX6Vo5 ✔ Background Photo: https://goo.gl/QU4ah3 ✔ Sina Weibo: M80 (http://weibo.com/dpm80) ♔ This video is strictly for entertainment purposes only, there is no profit being made on this track in any way or form. All vocals belong to the Artists and their record label of what those songs ware released on. ♔ No Copyright Infringement Intended. If you like the song, please support the artist and affiliated label by purchasing the original recording. ♔ Any racist/political/hostile comments will be removed. ♔ Lyrics m80: NOW 我現在唱著lonley day 希望 二十四小時內你會touch my face and i neef u come here,come to be my babe 寂寞的夜裏你對我說 my baby, my lady one time,jus one time 虛幻的畫面親吻是否存在 就算是one night,不想再忍耐 難道擁抱一定需要經過等待 Dope C: baby sorry 無法實現你我對未來的憧憬, 放飛了自己再也無法將你抱緊 i always put myself down into a hard way. cause evryday to me is hard day. lonely day 唱的還是那首lonely day you drived me to another way but u know we aint the same its a lonely day no more me and baby 讓我一個人唱完這首lonely day m80: 今夜到底又是為誰在買醉 愛的話語是否能夠收的回 我的手機陪我入睡 EVERYDAY EVERYDAY EVERYDAY EVERYDAY IS LONEYDAY BABY 我感覺很累很疲憊 孤獨的滋味誰能夠體會 LONEYDAY LONEYDAY ROBIN: IN DE LONEYNIGHT 徘徊傷心地帶你早已 離開 對你的回憶還在浴室鏡邊你掉落的發絲將我朝思念裏拽 酒精的麻醉讓我在虛幻中等待你回來 O NO 不能想象別的男人牽著你的手 讓你靠在他的胸口享受你似水溫柔 我已不能夠忍受 寂寞像只猛獸 撞進我的胸口我卻只能絕望嘶吼 BANNY: ITS LONELY DAY , I FEEL LONELY TONIGHT 在這個夜的星空下想對你說聲GOODNIGHT 有些事情很突來 就象是你的離開 我的心是冰的 聽著 CUZ I LOSE MYMIND 陪著我是街道上的燈 暗黃的燈光總是照著最寂寞的人 回憶不能拼湊 所有的思緒停了 考驗我獨自經受 我希望你能聽著 ***E ON m80: 今夜到底又是為誰在買醉 愛的話語是否能夠收的回 我的手機陪我入睡 EVERYDAY EVERYDAY EVERYDAY EVERYDAY IS LONEYDAY BABY 我感覺很累很疲憊 孤獨的滋味誰能夠體會 LONEYDAY LONEYDAY M80: 愛的信號 我偏偏找不到 你的胡鬧,已到了無可救藥 我像影子跟著你,呼吸剩下的空氣 AND I NEED YOU 愛要用心 OH MY BABY m80: 今夜到底又是為誰在買醉 愛的話語是否能夠收的回 我的手機陪我入睡 EVERYDAY EVERYDAY EVERYDAY EVERYDAY IS LONEYDAY BABY 我感覺很累很疲憊 孤獨的滋味誰能夠體會 LONEYDAY LONEYDAY
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